Calling out, Angus-Hughes Gallery, London. 2014

The Absence of Presence: Feeling A Whisper Coming Through The Body of Silence. 

This work has been sculpted as a series of sonic journeys in which the listener is invited to engage with sounds from inaudible realms. The pieces explore the theme of being invisible through journeying internally from one place to another, where the sound itself takes you to an unknown space, to hear itself for the first time. The work will be presented as both playbacks immersed throughout the gallery space, as well as performing daily vocal interventions.

In my practice, I wish to sonify these unheard soundscapes which embody a geography of intimacy by locating the things we cannot see, but feel. My work is presented as fleeting moments of ephemeral encounters, in which the listener is invited to occupy a liminal space that is neither here nor there but still present. It appears from nowhere, like a whisper coming through the body of silence; an invisible presence that you can feel unfolding inside of you…

Performed and shown at the MA Sound Arts Final Show: Constantly Evolving, But Never Ending.



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