Listening sculpture

Upon graduating, I received an RSA New Contemporaries Award, to create a new piece of work for the annual RSA New Contemporaries exhibition, held at the Royal Scottish Academy in 2013. For the show I created a sonic sculpture titled Immersa, which was inspired by my travels on the RSA John Kinross Scholarship in Florence, Italy.

Immersa, consisted of an octagonal structure, with a multi-channel sound work installed within the structure. The piece was inspired by the ancient ritual of Baptism, which represented the belief of eternal life. Immersa was placed in the West wing of the Sculpture Court, placed in the centre holding an internal pool of water. The sculpture sang every 8 minutes, echoing within an eternal loop that allowed the human voice to resonate invisibly throughout the 12 galleries.


“The work here sits well in all 12 RSA galleries, where it has room to breathe. Sylvia Law, whose sound installation, Immersa, is one of the high points of the show, has received a Dewar Arts Award.”- The Herald

“The piece was beautiful. The sound, the water and the bowl created a spiritual experience enhanced by the location in that chamber-like room.”- RSA Visitor, 2013.

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