My artistic practice focuses primarily on the relationship between internal and external space. All spaces inspire me, whether they be social, environmental or spiritual.

My artistic practice compasses the mediums of sound, environmental sculpture and site-specific performance. Through my work,  I seek to explore the primal themes rooted in our everyday existence, including the cycles of life & death, collective ritual and our connection to nature.

In my practice, I use listening as a creative tool to connect to the place in which I stand. Using my voice as a vessel, I explore the resonance of the sites I inhabit through my physical embodiment and record these findings. This process also encompasses an internal listening, where we can experience our own resonance and creates a deeper, more fluid discourse between the space, the self, and the history of interactions that bring them all together. I record these interactions as a series of site-specific processes from which my art arises, forms and flows.

When constructing the final piece, I greatly consider how the public shall experience and encounter the work. I sculpt sound as a way to bring the listener into both the physical and ephemeral realms, where they can experience both collectively within the space. In the past, I have worked with technology and sensors to create an interactive relationship between the body and space, allowing each person to trigger and impact changes in the work through their own physical presence and engagement. This opens the work as a place for transcendence and transformation; becoming not only a witnessed event, but one which you are invited to become a part of.

As an artist, I aspire to share my work with communities all around the world and through these collaborations to sculpt and navigate a ground where we can work together and openly reflect on our experiences and connection to being. I wish to create spaces of reflection and deep listening, where we can gain a heightened awareness of our selves and of the nature we are part of, which flows eternally within and without.

We  inhabit it for a moment, but it shall inhabit us forever…

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