I’ve never really liked the idea

Of intrusive surgery,

This idea has never really appelaed to me,

Of being opened in my body,

Uncovered for all to see.

No place to hide, a torn sanctuary.


Yet look how we treat the Earth?

Look at how we open her body?

Go in there, taking and digging

Without graditude, or permission.

We fill her with coal, with things that are old

Diseased, grown without peace.


We through away our litter,

Plastic, and rubber,

Toxic fumes,

That we cannot consume,

So we give it to our Mother.


But she has cosumed enough for us,

She has beared all that she can,

Listen to her voice,

See how it commands.


Do you think all this is a joke?

The fields of California up in Smoke?

This is Mother Nature Calling.

Without conscousiness, we are Falling.


So let’s take a stand,

And take time to listen,

To see that life is really fragile.

In our hands,

We must come to understand,

That we are here to grow,

Not to unsow, all the magic that is forming.


And so with this, I give you leave

To sing your song to the morning’s seed

To find a way and let your heart connect and interweave

And remember that you are part of the dawning.


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