Moments as Movements…

I sing all the time. On my way to work, walking out in the woods. Sometimes in between conversations with myself and the world around me. It is a constant cycle of creating and watching things as they rise and fall back into silence…

I have all of these little snippets saved on my phone, just like catching a falling leaf or noticing the sun as it shines through the clouds. It is a moment, an then it’s gone.

I wished to share these little moments, just as pieces in themselves. I record them and then forget about them, and then rediscover them again.

I love their ephemerality and the way that something can just come to you and fill you with life, and then go back to stillness.

Listening back, some re-trigger the memory of the moment, and others don’t. It is a moment, and then it’s gone.

I find that we are constantly in a cycle of creation, and it is rare that we keep all the moments in between. The little sounds that become songs, the words that become lyrics, and the tunes that mark important times in our lives. They all come from this moment, where we open to what is calling to be opened…

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