Welcome to my artist’s webpage.

This space is dedicated to sharing my work, both past and present as well as upcoming future projects.

I am an Edinburgh-based Artist, and work with a large variety of artistic mediums including sound, performance art, environmental sculpture, deep listening, site-specific practices, poetry, drawing & writing.

My nature is to tell the story of a place through sound. I wish to engage and explore many environments, both externally and internally. Everyone has a story to tell and their song to share, and I feel nature too has its own. Through listening and engaging with the landscape, I aim to sculpt dialogues which interweave both shared narratives of the land and myself into one space, a place where we can both belong. Through these discoveries I locate and discover the true nature of the stories within our natural habitats.

I see this as a process of finding balance between the nature within, and the nature around us. Formed by this creative enquiry, I create a space where both can meet and interact with one another. We sound through one another to become one, like flowers growing from the earth, a renewing force perceiving our beauty both from within and from without. Art in this sense is a physical manifestation of our intention, which we can clearly see as it is birthed through us.

As well as forming my own individual practice, I work creatively within the community. I use my creative practice to sculpt new experiences, which adapt to each individual’s diverse needs. I have recently worked with Artlink and Jupiter Artland, supporting both their creative outreach programmes. This has involved assisting educational activities in nature working with young children, as well as supporting individuals on a one to one basis with learning disabilities. My role as a creative practitioner is to come up with inventive ways that incorporates creativity into our everyday lives and that creates a space for us to re connect with our own inner creativity.

If you wish to contact me about future projects then please send me an email:

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